Photos from exhibitions

2018: 'Raw and Cooked', Lamama Galleria, Manhattan,New York

 2016, 'Masters of cardboard' Museum Quality, Brooklyn,New York

                            GSL projects. 17/12/2011-21/12/2011.Berlin

Above: 'Shadow Candy Dungeon',  June 1st-30th 2008, 
Granary building NCAD, Thomas st. 100 Dublin, Ireland. This was my degree show.

Mopping up at 'Shadow Candy Dungeon'

Above : 'The Iremonger/Turpin 1st annual extravaganza of Erotic Art',  September 20th-1st November 2006,
1 Augustine St. Dublin Ireland

Above: Over view at the Iremonger/Turpin '1st Annual Extravaganza of Erotic Art'

Above: Sophie Iremonger at the 'September Exhibition to Mark by Ceremony the Grand Expansion of the Defastenist Empire'