Saturday, February 24, 2018

New book I'm working on right now...

Book I'm writing and illustrating Feb 2018.This book is called 'When is it my turn to poop'? the story concerns an office,stolen toilets, the whole world...and a hero named Tony

Squire Bear

Illustrations I completed February 2018 for Marianne Greenes book 'Squire Bear'. The story concerns her child hood teddy and her attempts to revamp his disintegrating form.

Cover for Exberliner magazine

rough drafts in preparation for the March cover of Exberliner magazine, which I am illustrating.

An Eating

sketch book view of drawings for a book I wrote and illustrated entitled ''An Eating'.Published by Coda press. The text concerns memories and recipes in the form of an unhinged diatribe. the sketches concern loved ones eating.

                     Mother and a cake

                               Sean during and before an eating

                               Buffet people at the all you can eat Buffet
                               Buffet people 2
                               Chef and buffet people
                               Daniel cuts meat
                               perfect cakes
                               cake smears
                               Mother is ill and has soup
                                           No more Tiramisu
                               Face plate                                                                                                                           
                               Mango has a coke

                               JJ at table with baked beans

Cake relics: re-purposed books made from paper-back books mashed in Acrylic paint