Thursday, December 8, 2011

This week:

 Decembers Art in America article by Travis Jeppeson, featuring Stevie Hanley, Iwajla Klinke,Brian Claffin, Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo, Pietro Spirito and myself:
 "Glamour, the erotic and nostalgia: those are the building blocks of my practice," says painter Sophie Iremonger, who moved to Berlin after finishing art school in her native Dublin in 2008. "I'm not an old master painter," she asserts. "I'm a woman. And I'm here now." This is not empty bombast. Hers is a radical primitivism: she creates delightfully crude landscapes crammed with flowers, animals and an occasional demented human being or two. The works reflect a mastery of the faux folk, faux art-of-the-insane tradition of Dubuffet.

Solo show with Galerie Suvi Lehtinen (GSL projects)

Galerie Suvi Lehtinen is proud to host its first Anniversary party at their new Kreuzberg exhibition space GSL Projects.To celebrate GSL Projects is proud to present: a solo exhibition by Berlin based painter SOPHIE IREMONGER + SLOTH COLLECTIVE DJ's + GLYPH BERLIN