Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Restoring the glamour, nostalgia and magic of animals


I am incompetent so in order to create work I have to solve problems in an original way because the conservative solution is always beyond my capacity. This makes the work exciting, like a retard screaming, and its always on the edge of disaster between forming and falling apart. I am still trying to say what I want to say and only half getting it out between spasms . I hope you find the results interesting and sometimes, beautiful. In these paintings I wanted to create a beautiful and poisonous landscape, and challenge my ability to deal with perspective. The result in a budding half formed amorphous monoculture of opium poppies, Erotic landscapes where the original inhabitants of the prairie struggle to survive, despite impending disaster from giant combine harvester and atomic skies. I guess its all of us and our lives and the way we keep living though we cant get what we need and everything around us poisons us, but we still go
ON. You can scroll down for more images, and click on the images for large view, or even click on the image 2 times for extra large view. it is the artist's intention to communicate her life and vision with all the drama, nostalgia and glamour of the kill.  For further explanation of my aesthetic please scroll down.  ****************************************************************************** Resume: Ongoing: Group show, FITAX at the Grimm Museum: Group show: ARTISTS 24SEVEN: 8/9/11-8/3/12 Mercure Hotel Berlin Templehof,HermanStrasse 214. Exhibitions: 2011: Group: FEETISH: Salon Sou de Cou Cou, 6/5/11-18/6/11 202 WeserStrasse Berlin Group: Exploring Animals in Modernism : Animamomoderne @ Kotti-shop 21/1/2011 4 Adalbert Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg 2010: Group: BIZZARE BIZAAR at PALLAS CONTEMPORARY PROJECTS 25/11/2010- 18/12/2010 111 Grangegorman Road, Dublin 7, Ireland Group: BERLINARTOWER Kunstmesse 6/10/2010- 1/11/2010 Kindle Brauerie Neukoln, Kranhalle Sud, Werberliner Strasse 50, Berlin, Neukolln. Solo: NEONDERTHAL 1/10/2010-23/102010 FabLab, Muskauer Strasse 49, Berlin, Kreuzberg. Group: CANDY HELL, 4/26/6 2010 Salon Sou de Coucou, Weser Strasse 202,Berlin, Nuekolln. Group: EMPTY SPACE, 27/7/2010-8/8/2010 Galerie Subsuelo, Lubbener Strasse 18, Solo: Berlin,Kreuzberg. 2009: PINK Version 2- erotic shop and erotic art space, 26 schonlein Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg. Solo: PINK VERSION ONE: Erotic shop and erotic art space, KunsthausTacheles, oranienburger strasse 56, Berlin, Mitte. 2008: Solo: SHADOW CANDY DUNGEON, Degree show,Granary building, National college of Art and Design,Dublin. 2007: Group: PLEASURES AND WAYWARD DISTRACTIONS, Broadstone Studios, lower Dominic Street, Dublin. 2006: Duet: THE IREMONGER/TURPIN EXTRAVAGANZA OF EROTIC ART, the Back Loft, Augustine Street, Dublin. 2005: Group: QUADRANT AT BELL-TABLE, Bell Table Arts Centre, Limerick. Group: THE EXPOSITION TO MARK BY CEREMONY THE EXPANSION OF THE GREAT DEFASTENIST EMPIRE, Liberty Hall, Dublin, Group: ELECTROWURST 2 , Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. Group: DER DEFASTEN KUNST BUNKER Cultivate Centre, Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. Multimedia: 18 th July 2011: Interview with ART STARS' Nadja Sayej: WEBSITE: Education: Graduated 2008 BA Honours Fine Art, National College of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Ireland Contact: Sophie Iremonger Email: web:  

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Fire Pheasants,101X76 cm, acrylic on canvas 2011

Spike Wolf,218X100 cm, acrylic on canvas 2011 SOLD

                                               Opium Poppy, 40X50 cm, acrylic on canvas 2011

 Opium Monoculture 2 with displaced prairie fauna, acrylic on canvas, 2011, 213X203 cm AVAILABLE

                    opium poppy with moth,2011,73X58cm,acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE

                           Grimreaper, 2011,101x76cm,acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE

                                Grass-skull2,2011,100X80cm,acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE

                                  Grass-skull1,2011,100X80cm,acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE