Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recent Expo with Galerie Suvi Lehtinen

Thistle mania, acrylic on canvas 2011, 199X180 cm

WildDroogs of Templehof, acrylic on canvas,2011,193X193 cm

Opium Monoculture 4, 199X190 cm, 2011,acrylic on canvas

Life and Death at the pleasure dome, 2011,acrylic on canvas,240X170 cm

Opium Monoculture 3, acrylic on canvas 2011, 199X190 cm



 Group show: Female patterns, Salon sou de cou cou, 202 Weser Strasse, 6/1/2012- 17/2/2012


Solo: Sophie Iremonger at GSL projects, 19 Glogauer Strasse, 17/12/2011- 21/12/2011

Group show, FITAX at the Grimm Museum: 2011

Group show: ARTISTS 24SEVEN: 8/9/11-8/3/12 Mercure Hotel Berlin Templehof,HermanStrasse 214.

Group: FEETISH:  Salon Sou de Cou Cou, 6/5/11-18/6/11 202 WeserStrasse Berlin

Group: Exploring Animals in Modernism : Animamomoderne @ Kotti-shop
21/1/2011 4 Adalbert Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg


Group: BIZZARE BIZAAR at PALLAS CONTEMPORARY PROJECTS 25/11/2010- 18/12/2010  111 Grangegorman Road, Dublin 7, Ireland

Group: BERLINARTOWER Kunstmesse 6/10/2010- 1/11/2010 Kindle Brauerie Neukoln, Kranhalle Sud, Werberliner Strasse 50, Berlin, Neukolln.

Solo: NEONDERTHAL 1/10/2010-23/102010 FabLab, Muskauer Strasse 49, Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Group: CANDY HELL, 4/26/6 2010 Salon Sou de Coucou, Weser Strasse 202,Berlin, Nuekolln.

Group: EMPTY SPACE, 27/7/2010-8/8/2010 Galerie Subsuelo, Lubbener Strasse 18,  Berlin,Kreuzberg.


Solo:PINK Version 2- erotic shop and erotic art space, 26 schonlein Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg.

 Solo: PINK VERSION ONE:  Erotic shop and erotic art space,
KunsthausTacheles, oranienburger strasse 56, Berlin, Mitte.


 Solo: SHADOW CANDY DUNGEON,  Degree show,Granary building, National college of Art and Design,Dublin.


 Group: PLEASURES AND WAYWARD DISTRACTIONS, Broadstone Studios, lower Dominic Street, Dublin.


 Duet:  THE IREMONGER/TURPIN EXTRAVAGANZA OF EROTIC ART, the Back Loft, Augustine Street, Dublin.


 Group: QUADRANT AT BELL-TABLE, Bell Table Arts Centre, Limerick.


Group: ELECTROWURST 2 , Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.

Group: DER DEFASTEN KUNST BUNKER Cultivate Centre, Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Multimedia: 18 th July 2011:  Interview with  ART STARS' Nadja Sayej: WEBSITE:

Art in America:


Graduated 2008
BA  Honours Fine Art, National College of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Ireland


Sophie Iremonger

Thursday, December 8, 2011

This week:

 Decembers Art in America article by Travis Jeppeson, featuring Stevie Hanley, Iwajla Klinke,Brian Claffin, Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo, Pietro Spirito and myself:
 "Glamour, the erotic and nostalgia: those are the building blocks of my practice," says painter Sophie Iremonger, who moved to Berlin after finishing art school in her native Dublin in 2008. "I'm not an old master painter," she asserts. "I'm a woman. And I'm here now." This is not empty bombast. Hers is a radical primitivism: she creates delightfully crude landscapes crammed with flowers, animals and an occasional demented human being or two. The works reflect a mastery of the faux folk, faux art-of-the-insane tradition of Dubuffet.

Solo show with Galerie Suvi Lehtinen (GSL projects)

Galerie Suvi Lehtinen is proud to host its first Anniversary party at their new Kreuzberg exhibition space GSL Projects.To celebrate GSL Projects is proud to present: a solo exhibition by Berlin based painter SOPHIE IREMONGER + SLOTH COLLECTIVE DJ's + GLYPH BERLIN

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life and death at the pleasure dome, 245X180 cm, acrylic on canvas SOLD

Mouse family detail
Pleasure Dome detail
Moon bird detail
Elk detail
Kill detail
Cheetah cub detail
Bee/spider detail
Magpie detail
Torn boar detail
Boar family detail
Colourful boar detail

Stripes detail
Badger detail
Hornet nest detail
The entire painting

Hornets mating detail
Boars by a culvert detail

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Antler Gulch-40X50 cm,acrylic on canvas please click for larger images AVAILABLE

Antler Gulch, 40x50, acrylic on canvas

Bambi with secret Lions AVAILABLE

 Bambi with secret Lions-204X195 cm, Acrylic on canvas
 Badger detail
 Spider detail
 Black bird detail
 Raptor detail
 Butterfly detail
 Lion detail
 Bambi detail
 Skins detail
Tower detail

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photograph for Exberliner 'survivor' feature, November 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Opium mono culture 5 (click image for larger version) 199x190 cm acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE

Opium Monoculture 5 details (click for larger versions)

Elk detail
Horizon detail
Flowers detail
Cockchafer detail
Falling horse detail
Horse detail
Horse/elk detail
Coyote detail
Badgers detail
Cheetah stalking detail
Lion kill detail
Rhino detail
Rhino running detail
3 Rhinos detail
The entire painting