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Here are photos from my new collection-
a series of 30 paintings exploring the effect of nuclear radiation on wilderness .
This series starts with depictions of 'untouched' nature -
as it progresses the animals and enviroment become increasingly
changed by radioative fall-out. 
All paintings in the series are 50X40cm acrylic on canvas and they all cost 150 euros

Su with Horses SOLD

Weak Elk SOLD

Wolves fighting SOLD

Nuclear wolves SOLD

Wolves Hunting Blue Jay

Wolves testing Elk

Exhausted Elk SOLD

Aerial Hunt SOLD

Atomic Giant Elk SOLD

Strong Elk SOLD

Aerial Hunt 2 SOLD

Atomic Pleistoscene SOLD

Below:  2 samples of new work from the 'Multi-flower' series. The 'Multi-flowers' are about wild animals successfully adapting to a new habitat:  home interiors.

 Blue  and Rose Leopard Multi -flower paintings,
Acrylic on canvas 2010
 Both 98X72 cm.


Below: Sophie Iremonger at Berlin Art Tower 2010



Below: photos from my exhibition NEONderthal, that took place between the 1st and 20th October 2010, at new project space THE FABLAB 49 Muskauer strasse. Many thanks to Cindy Wunderbar

 About the exhibition: 

Contemporary Erotic Cave paintings.

Vacuum of sterile interior design invaded by ancien regime of venerated mega-fauna. Beastly nostalgia of small-jawed Homo to return to state of mighty Erectus. Imprisoned by lipsticks we long for a fantasy of the natural life. The smash-up between exterior and interior- a series of homo-erotic windows, glass shattering between inside and outside, wild and tame. Within these works I presented a synthesis between the neon of our present and the weight of our animal past- 
an inchoate new neon wilderness where man/beast collide in an endless power-play. By the end of painting this series of works, I had found out the answer to an interesting question that had wanted answering:

Just how different am I from a cave man?

And the answer, to my dismay, was VERY. The way I see these animals comes with a 21st century baggage-it is impossible to paint like those  ancient men of Lascaux , though I am homo sapien too. And we are homo sapien too.

And here is an over-view of NEONderthal :

Wolf Window with detail 2010, acrylic on canvas
65X104 cm. 600 euros

Snake Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
65X104 cm.

Puma Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
65X104 cm.

Prairie Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
65X104 cm.

Mouflon Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
55X103 cm. SOLD

Lynx Window 2010, acrylic on canvas

Lion Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
59X93 cm. 

Horse Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
65X104 cm. 

Cassowary Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
60X103 cm.

SwampWindow 2010, acrylic on canvas
72X98 cm. 

Rhino Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
63X104 cm.

Auroch Window 2010, acrylic on canvas
60X98 cm.

Hes Just playing, 2010, acrylic on canvas,139X147 cm

Dinner Smash Up, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 139X147cm

Fleur De Leopard, 2010, acrylic on canvas,
139X147 cm, 


Group: BIZZARE BIZAAR at PALLAS CONTEMPORARY PROJECTS 25/11/2010- 18/12/2010  111 Grangegorman Road, Dublin 7, Ireland

Group: BERLINARTOWER Kunstmesse 6/10/2010- 1/11/2010 Kindle Brauerie Neukoln, Kranhalle Sud, Werberliner Strasse 50, Berlin, Neukolln.
Solo: NEONDERTHAL 1/10/2010-23/102010 FabLab, Muskauer Strasse 49, Berlin, Kreuzberg.
Group: CANDY HELL, 4/26/6 2010 Salon Sou de Coucou, Weser Strasse 202,Berlin, Nuekolln.
Group: EMPTY SPACE, 27/7/2010-8/8/2010 Galerie Subsuelo, Lubbener Strasse 18,  Berlin,Kreuzberg.
Solo:PINK Version 2- erotic shop and erotic art space, 26 schonlein Strasse, Berlin Kreuzberg.
 Solo: PINK VERSION ONE:  Erotic shop and erotic art space,
KunsthausTacheles, oranienburger strasse 56, Berlin, Mitte.
 Solo: SHADOW CANDY DUNGEON,  Degree show,Granary building, National college of Art and Design,Dublin. 
 Group: PLEASURES AND WAYWARD DISTRACTIONS, Broadstone Studios, lower Dominic Street, Dublin.
 Duet:  THE IREMONGER/TURPIN EXTRAVAGANZA OF EROTIC ART, the Back Loft, Augustine Street, Dublin. 
 Group: QUADRANT AT BELL-TABLE, Bell Table Arts Centre, Limerick. 
Group: ELECTROWURST 2 , Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.
Group: DER DEFASTEN KUNST BUNKER Cultivate Centre, Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. 

Graduated 2008
BA  Honours Fine Art, National College of Art and Design, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Ireland

Sophie Iremonger
Phone: 017635473592(deutchland)

Regular contributor to NEW OBSESSIVE